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AWARDED FETIsh venue of The year 2019-2020 @ Glay Awards

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About The Hole Cruising Bar gran canaria
How We Got Here
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Bruce Force The Hole

Gran Canarias largest & most spacious, destination sex club, The HOLE.

In April 2018, The HOLE Cruising Bar Maspalomas was little more than an idea born from the imaginings and possibilities presented whilst viewing a vacant business unit here in Playa Del Ingles Gran Canaria.

But in little more than 3 weeks and after working day and night, The HOLE went from its conception to its opening night on Friday May 4th 2018, although we were literally adding the final touches even as we were welcoming our first guests!


And from that day we have continued that work, always improving and never stopping to evolve by listening to our guests whilst utilising our wealth of previous experience both here in Gran Canaria as well as the U.K and France.


Our aim was not merely to be the largest club of its kind in Playa Del Ingles but also to be the most comfortable, that offers real value-for-money from people who actually enjoy working, whilst also focussing on hygiene.

Here at The Hole Cruising Bar you will probably recognise Bruce & Kris aka Bruce Force & Kris Kurt.

Bruce is a well-known face here in Playa Del Ingles who has previously worked for over 5 years at an award winning venue within the same genre.

Kris is recognisable from his previous career as a porn actor for various well known studios, and also as a live sex performer performing at events all over Europe, including Maspalomas Fetish Week and most notably the world renowned Hustlaball in Berlin.

Their combined talents and experiences are complementary and they strive to passionately create and provide their vision of the preferred ‘destination sex club’.

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The Hole is the largest men-only gay cruising fetish bar in Maspalomas Gran Canaria 300m2, our club is spaciously situated across two floors. The Hole has many features including, a professional friendly team, well stocked bar, slings, lockable private cabins, multiple adult film viewing areas simultaneously showing different films, darkrooms, beds, glory holes, a fully ventilated indoor smoking area, plentiful toilet facilities, ‘wet area’, lockers, aircon

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The Hole Fetish Venue of the year
The Hole Gay Bar
Kris The Hole Maspalomas
Bruce & Kris The Hole Maspalomas
Bruce The Hole Maspalomas
Kris & Bruce The Hole Maspalomas
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Contact The Hole

Av. de Gran Canaria 24, C.C. Jardín del Sol, 35100 Maspalomas

Opening Hours

MON - SUN: 10pm - 2am



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